Grand Launching: Pushp enRich Crème Hair Colour

Grand Launching of our new Product "Pushp enRich Crème Hair Colour"

 - 10/16/2018

What is mehndi ceremony?

The Mehendi Ceremony is one such occasion that is an imperative piece of the wedding festivities. Mehendi Ceremony by and large alludes to use of a henna paste in expound many-sided designs on the bride's hands and feet.

 - 04/13/2017

Is Creme of Nature products good for natural hair?

Creme of Nature Oil for regular hair was painstakingly detailed with fixings and advantages that take into account the requirements of normal hair. Our full scope of normal hair items are imbued with Argan Oil and Argan Butter from Morocco and are intended to convey no frizz, no shrinkage and no dryness.

 - 04/13/2017

5 Benefits of Henna (Mehndi) Good For Your Hair

1. Henna enhances hair development The common properties of henna advance hair development. The powder can be utilized to make a basic oil that feeds and supports development.

2. It diminishes hair fall The mix of henna powder and mustard oil is a magnificent solution for hair fall.

3. Mehendi averts dandruff Utilizing henna routinely on your hair fixes dandruff and keeps it from returning.

4. Henna controls scalp irritation Henna has antifungal and antimicrobial properties that cool and alleviate your scalp. This controls scalp tingling.

5. It is a natural hair colour In the event that you are hesitant to utilize synthetics on your scalp yet need to cover grays, henna is a characteristic option.

 - 04/13/2017

Which Mehandi is good for hand?

Truly, it does! You have to apply this invention when the henna paste is totally dry. When you apply this sticky arrangement on the mehndi, the sugar will help in staying of lemon juice, which thusly will obscure the shading. You can do this, just when the henna glue is there on the hands!

 - 03/18/2017

Is Mehandi good for dry hair?

Utilizing 7-8 drops of lavender basic oil in your henna blend will enhance the soundness of your scalp, subsequently treating various hair issues including dandruff, male pattern baldness, and so forth. This will likewise condition your harmed and fuzzy hair strands and advance their solid development.

 - 03/18/2017

How long should I put henna on my hair?

The time you keep the henna blend on. can fluctuate contingent upon the last outcome you wish for. In the event that you need features, they can be pretty much serious relying upon to what extent you'll keep henna on: from at least one hour to 2 - 3 hours.

 - 03/18/2017

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Grand Launching of our new Product "Pushp enRich Crème Hair Colour"

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